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Computing with Massive and Persistent Data

Primary Session Leader:
John M. May  (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

Secondary Session Leader:
Maya Gokhale  (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
Birds-of-a-Feather Session
Wednesday,  12:15PM - 01:15PM
Room 11A/11B
Data-intensive applications such as scientific data analysis, bioinformatics, and text mining are placing new demands on supercomputer hardware and software. Developments in I/O and programming models, file systems, and storage technology will make computers that serve these applications look very different from platforms designed to support floating-point intensive physics and chemistry simulation applications. This BOF seeks to build a multidisciplinary community focused on Computing with Massive and Persistent Data. Following up on a workshop to be held in September 2008, we will expand our community and develop collaborations that span applications, system software, and hardware. We invite those interested in speaking to propose brief (5-10 minute) presentations of their work in advance to cmpd-scbof@lists.llnl.gov. The BOF will begin with a brief introductionof the field, followed by these presentations, and then it will move to a discussion of how to further develop this community and create opportunities for joint work.
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