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MPICH: A High-Performance Open-source MPI Implementation

Primary Session Leader:
Darius Buntinas  (Argonne National Laboratory)

Secondary Session Leaders:
Rajeev Thakur  (Argonne National Laboratory)
Rusty Lusk  (Argonne National Laboratory)
Birds-of-a-Feather Session
Thursday,  12:15PM - 01:15PM
Room Ballroom E
MPICH is a popular, open-source implementation of the MPI message passing standard. It has been ported to many platforms and used by several vendors and research groups as the basis for their own MPI implementations. Following last year's successful and well-attended BoF, we are organizing another session this year. This BoF session will provide a forum for users of MPICH as well as developers of MPI implementations derived from MPICH to discuss experiences and issues in using and porting MPICH. New features and future plans for MPICH will be discussed. Representatives from MPICH-derived implementations, such as MVAPICH2, Intel MPI, Microsoft MPI and IBM MPI for BlueGene, will provide brief updates on the status of their efforts. MPICH developers will also be present for an open forum discussion. All those interested in MPICH usage, development, and future directions are encouraged to attend.
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