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Blue Gene System Management Community Meeting

Primary Session Leader:
Susan Coghlan  (Argonne National Laboratory)

Secondary Session Leaders:
Adam Bertsch  (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
Andrew Cherry  (Argonne National Laboratory)
Birds-of-a-Feather Session
Tuesday,  05:30PM - 07:00PM
Room 11A/11B
Fifteen of the top 100 systems in the world (from June, 2008 Top500 list) are IBM Blue Gene (BG) systems. These systems are large and complex and offer unique challenges to the system administrators who run them. This BOF will be an opportunity for the administrators of BG systems to share information and discuss some of the problems that keep them awake at night. There will be presentations from multiple BlueGene sites, covering topics such as fault analysis techniques and locally developed administration tools. There will also be a panel of experts from Argonne National Laboratory, Juelich Research Centre, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, IBM, and Stony Brook University, who will discuss their configurations and present their top 5 issues. Members of the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions of the panel and share their own top issues and tools.
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