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OpenSHMEM: SHMEM for the Rest of the World

Primary Session Leader:
Steve Poole  (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

Secondary Session Leader:
Lauren Smith  (DOD)
Birds-of-a-Feather Session
Wednesday,  05:30PM - 07:00PM
Room 19A/19B
The SHMEM parallel programming library is an easy-to-use programming model currently available on several parallel architectures. The SHMEM model uses fast one-sided communication techniques and is highly efficient on globally addressable shared or distributed memory systems. Several dialects of SHMEM are available and with each new generation of systems, there appears to be a greater divergence in SHMEM libraries. This BOF will be led by researchers from commercial entities as well as government departments. SHMEM is trademarked by SGI. The purpose of this meeting is to gather the potential users, developers and applications people where the definition of a new open organization and new open source OpenSHMEM specification building upon the existing SGI API. We expect to see potential additions and to have this API ported to a large variety of platforms. Technical components shall include a specification, validation / conformance test suites, tutorials and a reference implementation.
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