SC Conference - Activity Details

"Ranger" as the Intro for Future Extreme Scale Computing

Primary Session Leader:
Gilad Shainer  (Mellanox Technologies)

Secondary Session Leaders:
Tommy Minyard  (Texas Advanced Computing Center)
John Fragalla  (Sun Microsystems)
Birds-of-a-Feather Session
Tuesday,  05:30PM - 07:00PM
Room Ballroom E
"Ranger" is the largest computing system in the world for open science research. Located at the Texas Advanced Supercomputing Center, Ranger serves NSF TeraGrid researchers and academic institutions. It is the most powerful commodity-based system that does not utilize specialized accelerators; only off-the-shelf CPUs and InfiniBand interconnect technology (Sun Data Center Switch 3456) to provide the 579 Teraflops of compute power, and therefore does not require new application development. The system consists of more than 15K sockets and centralized networking infrastructure that connects all the sockets in a full fat-tree configuration. As we enter the exascale computing era, the numbers of expected sockets will grow in a magnitude of order and the networking infrastructure could evolve into a mash or hybrid one. Lessons learned from Ranger will provide a solid foundation for building future extreme scale computing infrastructures and will be the main focus of this session.
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