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OFED 1.4 Release Highlights: Q&A with Lead Developers

Primary Session Leader:
Yiftah Shahar  (Voltaire)

Secondary Session Leaders:
Tziporet Koren  (Mellanox Technologies)
Robert Woodruff  (Intel Corporation)
Birds-of-a-Feather Session
Tuesday,  12:15PM - 01:15PM
Room Ballroom E
This session will provide an overview of the OpenFabrics Enterprise Distribution (OFED) version 1.4 (planned release: October 2008). OFED is a unified, transport independent, open-source software stack for RDMA-capable fabrics, including InfiniBand and iWarp. New features in OFED 1.4 include support for kernel 2.6.27, Open MPI 1.3, storage enhancements including NFS over RDMA and an iSER target, enhancements in stability and performance for protocols such as IPoIB, SDP, SRP, bonding, a new uDAPL that has scaled up to over 14000 cores using Intel MPI, and much more. OFED lead developers, Yiftah Shahar (Voltaire), Tziporet Koren (Mellanox), Betsy Zeller (QLogic) and Robert Woodruff (Intel) will provide an overview of the new features and will be on hand for a Q&A session. This session provides an opportunity for OpenFabrics users to meet with and ask questions of the developers who put it together.
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