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NSF High End Computing University Research Activity (HECURA)

Primary Session Leader:
Almadena Chtchelkanova  (National Science Foundation)

Birds-of-a-Feather Session
Tuesday,  05:30PM - 07:00PM
Room 12A/12B
NSF High End Computing University Research Activity (HECURA) 2008 invited research proposals in novel programming models, languages, compilers and underlying communication libraries for extreme-scale highly computation- and data-intensive scientific and engineering applications that cannot be satisfied in today's typical cluster environment. The target hosts for these tools are systems comprised of thousands to tens of thousands of processors. This solicitation generated a lot of interest within HEC community. This BOF brings together Awardees of HECURA 2008 solicitation, general public, the industry and National Laboratories representatives. The goal of this BOF to discuss possible synergy between the projects, identify existing gaps, and foster collaborations between the Awardees and the industry and National Laboratories. NSF program Directors will discuss the future of the HECURA Program to alert HEC community of this opportunity and to encourage a wider participation in the future HECURA competitions.
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