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The HPC Advisory Council Initiative

Primary Session Leader:
Gilad Shainer  (Mellanox Technologies)

Secondary Session Leaders:
Eric Stenner  (Blue Ridge Numerics)
Matt Blythe  (Microsoft Corporation)
Birds-of-a-Feather Session
Thursday,  12:15PM - 01:15PM
Room 18A/18B/18C/18D
The HPC Advisory Council is a distinguished body representing the high-performance computing ecosystem that includes nearly 40 members from best-in-class original equipment manufacturers, strategic technology suppliers, independent software vendors and selected end-users across the entire range of the HPC segments. The Council was formed in the summer of 2008 to accelerate HPC innovations and new technologies, and to optimize system performance, efficiency and scalability in both hardware and software. The Council also collaborates to extend the reach of HPC into new segments, which have been traditionally governed by single workstations but currently require the performance of HPC clustering to meet current and future end-user requirements. The HPC Advisory Council operates a centralized support center providing end users with easy access to leading edge HPC systems for development and benchmarking, and a support/advisory group for consultations and technical support. The session will introduce the new initiative, the council activities and future plans.
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