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Next Generation Workload Management for Cloud Computing and Scale-out Environments

Primary Session Leader:
Susanne Balle  (Hewlett-Packard)

Secondary Session Leaders:
Jette Moe  (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
Dave Jackson  (Cluster Resources)
Birds-of-a-Feather Session
Tuesday,  12:15PM - 01:15PM
Room 15
Cloud Computing and Scale-out environments are more and more prevalent. This BOF will discuss the evolution of scheduling and allocation of jobs in such environment as well as understand the new requirements for workload managers as we are moving towards clouds with 100,000 nodes and very sophisticated data and workflows. In this BOF we will hear from users, SLURM (open source resource manager) developers, and major resource manager vendors about their take on this problem and the strategies that they are currently implementing to make sure they will be able to address these new environments.
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