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Distributed Visualization and Data Resources Enabling Remote Interaction and Analysis

Scott A. Friedman  (University of California, Los Angeles)
Challenges Session
SC08 Bandwidth Challenge: Unleashing the Power of the Network
Tuesday,  02:30PM - 02:45PM
Room 17A/17B
As scientific datasets become ever larger, visualization and analysis become correspondingly more challenging. Powerful visualization systems enable researchers to understand their data and make discoveries previously unachievable. These visualization resources, however, are generally fixed in location, thereby limiting their use to situations where researcher, data and visualization resource are in immediate proximity. When they are not, a researcher may find it inconvenient to visit a visualization resource, or there may not be enough storage available to accommodate their data if they did. Addressing this, UCLA is enhancing its visualization system with the ability to pull data directly from a remote data repository, render it in real-time and return a stream of high-resolution images to a remotely located researcher. This system is made possible by leveraging UCLA's visualization system and high-performance network infrastructures; thereby enabling researchers to interactively explore large spatiotemporal data sets without moving themselves or their data.
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