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Creating a Regional Data Grid using Commodity Protocols

Patrick Finnegan  (Purdue University)
Michael Shuey  (Purdue University)
Greg Veldman  (Purdue University)
Ramon Williamson  (Purdue University)
James Reaney  (BlueArc Corporation)
Beth Pastusek  (Texas Memory Systems, Inc.)
Challenges Session
SC08 Bandwidth Challenge: Unleashing the Power of the Network
Tuesday,  02:15PM - 02:30PM
Room 17A/17B
Moving scientific data is rapidly becoming an impediment to modern large-scale simulation. In certain disciplines, moving dozens (if not hundreds) of terabytes of data between compute facilities is required -- usually necessitating complex tools to perform data transfer at high speeds. Much effort has been spent on complex data cataloging and transfer systems, as long-distance remote file system access has generally been deemed impossible. Recently, several groups are looking to make direct file system access a viable option, but this generally involves very complex protocols that are frequently beyond the capabilities of a smaller institution or research group. We propose the use of a regional data grid using a high-speed NAS and using the existing (and widely accepted and implemented) NFS protocol to provide a stable data grid that is easy to implement and maintain. In this experiment, we will implement such a grid and fine tune NFS server and client parameters to optimize throughput while minimizing the effects of network latency between distant sites.
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