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Toward Global Scale Cloud Computing: Using Sector and Sphere on the Open Cloud Testbed

Robert L. Grossman  (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Yunhong Gu  (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Michal Sabala  (University of Illinois at Chicago)
David Hanley  (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Shirley Connelly  (University of Illinois at Chicago)
David Turkington  (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Challenges Session
SC08 Bandwidth Challenge: Unleashing the Power of the Network
Tuesday,  02:00PM - 02:15PM
Room 17A/17B
Cloud computing has emerged as a popular computing model to support processing large volumetric data using clusters of commodity computers. We have developed a new system consisting of the Sector data cloud and the Sphere compute cloud that supports simplified programming of high performance distributed data processing on large computer clusters over wide area networks. In our SC08 BWC entry, we will upload big data streams from the SC08 show floor into the Sector system running the Open Cloud Testbed, a 120-node system connected by 10GE networks across the United States. We will run various distributed data processing applications powered by Sphere, sending results back to the show floor. This BWC entry will demonstrate the ability of the Sector/Sphere system to support high performance storage, access, and processing of large datasets in wide area systems via a very simple user interface. (Applications require extensive data exchange within the whole system.)
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