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High Speed Data Gathering, Distribution and Analysis Using Next Generation Networks

Julian Bunn  (California Institute of Technology)
Harvey Newman  (California Institute of Technology)
Challenges Session
SC08 Bandwidth Challenge: Unleashing the Power of the Network
Tuesday,  01:30PM - 01:45PM
Room 17A/17B
Using state of the art WAN infrastructure and grid-based Web Services, our demonstration at SC08 will involve real-time particle event analysis that requires optimized transfers of multi-Terabyte datasets of real data from the CMS and ATLAS detectors at CERN's Large Hadron Collider. Working with the help of strategic partnerships with several vendors, we will use individual 10Gbit/sec network links (lambdas) to full capacity during the Challenge, and we will utilize servers and disk systems featuring the latest generation of processors, disk systems and network interfaces, the latest optical multiplexing technologies, and a Linux kernel optimized for long distance data transfers. Using methods developed over the last year, building on the team’s successes at SC06 and SC07, we intend to saturate the available lambdas arriving at the Austin show floor, in full duplex mode.
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