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Controlling Extremely Large Telescopes

Team Members:
Shawn McCaslin  (National Instruments)
Lother Wenzel  (National Instruments)
Jeff Meisel  (National Instruments)
Michael Cerna  (National Instruments)
Challenges Session
SC Analytics Challenge
Tuesday,  03:52PM - 04:14PM
Room 14
Big Physics applications require computational power solving problems with demanding real-time constraints. Typically, channels acquire in real-time to feed mathematical routines generating outputs to interact with real world processes. Channels may number 100 to 100,000; real-time constraints may be one millisecond or less per cycle. The underlying mathematics must be sophisticated to support calculation for this real-time setting. One approach calls for specialized hardware and allied codes. Flexibility is lost, though: change propagates through the system to translate into weeks of re-programming. We report on an alternative approach based on LabVIEW. The test case is an extremely large telescope currently in the design and specification phase. The design, simulation and real-time deployment cycle is executed while maintaining the high-level purpose of the system; even fundamental changes in design and mathematics map well to deployment.
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