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GENIUS: Grid Enabled Neurosurgical Imaging using Simulation

Team Members:
Steven Manos  (University College London)
Stefan Zasada  (University College London)
Marco D Mazzeo  (University College London)
Robert Haines  (University of Manchester)
Gary Doctors  (University College London)
Stefan Brew  (National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery)
Robin Pinning  (University of Manchester)
Konstantin Veovodski  (Boston University)
John Brooke  (University of Manchester)
Kevin Lau  (University College London)
Peter V Coveney  (University College London)
Challenges Session
SC Analytics Challenge
Tuesday,  03:30PM - 03:52PM
Room 14
Cardiovascular disease is the third largest cause of death in the developed world. Cerebral blood flow behaviour plays a crucial role in the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of the disease; problems are often due to anomalous blood flow behaviour in the neighbourhood of bifurcations and aneurysms within the brain. We present the GENIUS project, which is concerned with performing neurovasculature blood flow simulations in support of clinical neurosurgery. Blood flow simulation offers the possibility of performing patient-specific, virtual experiments to study the effects of courses of treatment with no danger. We will describe our bespoke lattice-Boltzmann code, HemeLB, designed to simulate fluid flow in the sparse topologies of the brain. We will go on to discuss the advanced international grid infrastructure that we have put in place to allow clinicians to seamlessly interact with some of the worlds biggest supercomputers from their operating theatre, and to steer simulations in real-time.
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