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SC Conference

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Challenges(13) Tuesday Nov, 18

Time Title Room
10:30AM-11:00AM Award Finalist/Winner Data-lifecycle Management over a Loosely Coupled Distributed Infrastructure for LSST's HPC Applications 17A/17B
11:00AM-11:30AM Award Finalist/Winner GrayWulf: Scalable Clustered Architecture for Data Intensive Computing 17A/17B
11:30AM-12:00PM Award Finalist/Winner Scaling Highly-parallel Data-intensive applications using MapReduce on a Parallel Clustered File System 17A/17B
01:30PM-01:45PM Award Finalist/Winner High Speed Data Gathering, Distribution and Analysis Using Next Generation Networks 17A/17B
01:45PM-02:00PM Award Finalist/Winner Global Visualcasting – Collaborative Remote Visualization Over High Speed Networks 17A/17B
02:00PM-02:15PM Award Finalist/Winner Toward Global Scale Cloud Computing: Using Sector and Sphere on the Open Cloud Testbed 17A/17B
02:15PM-02:30PM Award Finalist/Winner Creating a Regional Data Grid using Commodity Protocols 17A/17B
02:30PM-02:45PM Award Finalist/Winner Distributed Visualization and Data Resources Enabling Remote Interaction and Analysis 17A/17B
02:45PM-03:00PM Award Finalist/Winner Using Phoebus for Optimized Data Dissemination 17A/17B
03:30PM-03:52PM Award Finalist/Winner GENIUS: Grid Enabled Neurosurgical Imaging using Simulation 14
03:52PM-04:14PM Award Finalist/Winner Controlling Extremely Large Telescopes 14
04:14PM-04:36PM Award Finalist/Winner Cerebral Methodology Based Computing for Estimating Validity of Simulation Results 14
04:36PM-04:58PM Award Finalist/Winner Interactive HPC-driven Visual Analysis for Multiple Genome Datasets 14
Award Finalist/Winner
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