SC Conference

Activities: Masterworks
Days: All

Masterworks(6) Tuesday Nov, 18

Time Title Room
10:30AM-11:15AM Humanities Scholarship in the Petabyte Age 18A/18B/18C/18D
11:15AM-12:00PM Concurrencies (2008) for Live Multi-channel Electronics and Viola 18A/18B/18C/18D
01:30PM-02:15PM Enabling Analysis-based Tire Development with High Performance Computing 18A/18B/18C/18D
02:15PM-03:00PM Contributions of CFD to the 787 (and Future Needs) 18A/18B/18C/18D
03:30PM-04:15PM High Performance Computing in the Financials: Where Rocket Science Meets "The Street" 18A/18B/18C/18D
04:15PM-05:00PM Presentation on HPC in Finance 18A/18B/18C/18D

Masterworks(4) Wednesday Nov, 19

Time Title Room
10:30AM-11:15AM Patient Specific Cardiovascular Modeling and the Predictive Paradigm in Medicine 18A/18B/18C/18D
11:15AM-12:00PM Computational Functional Anatomy on the TeraGrid 18A/18B/18C/18D
03:30PM-04:15PM High Performance Computing in the "Personalization" of Cancer Therapy: Genomics, Proteomics, and Bioinformatics 18A/18B/18C/18D
04:15PM-05:00PM Computational Opportunities in Genomic Medicine 18A/18B/18C/18D

Masterworks(6) Thursday Nov, 20

Time Title Room
10:30AM-11:15AM Simulation at the Petascale and Beyond for Fusion Energy Science 18A/18B/18C/18D
11:15AM-12:00PM Understanding Complex Biological Systems using Computation: Enzymes that Deconstruct Biomass 18A/18B/18C/18D
01:30PM-02:15PM Zero-emission Datacenters: Concept and First Steps 18A/18B/18C/18D
02:15PM-03:00PM Moving from Data Center Efficiency to Data Center Productivity and the Role of HPC in the Data Center of the Future 18A/18B/18C/18D
03:30PM-04:15PM Save Energy Now in Computer Centers 18A/18B/18C/18D
04:15PM-05:00PM The Economic Breakdown of Moore's Law 18A/18B/18C/18D
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