SC Conference

Activities: Doctoral Research Showcase
Days: All

Doctoral Research Showcase(3) Wednesday Nov, 19

Time Title Room
03:30PM-04:00PM HPC Fellowship: Process-Level Fault Tolerance for Job Healing in HPC Environments 17A/17B
04:00PM-04:30PM HPC Fellowship: Communication-avoiding Linear Algebra 17A/17B
04:30PM-05:00PM HPC Fellowship: Automatic Parallelization of Dynamic Programming Recurrences in Computational Biology 17A/17B

Doctoral Research Showcase(12) Thursday Nov, 20

Time Title Room
10:30AM-10:45AM Accelerating the Convergence Time of Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) Routing Protocol 17A/17B
10:45AM-11:00AM Improving Throughput of SMT Processors using Application Signatures and Thread Priorities 17A/17B
11:00AM-11:15AM A Performance Prediction Framework for Multi-core Applications 17A/17B
11:15AM-11:30AM Improving the Performance of Parallel Scientific Applications Using Cache Injection 17A/17B
11:30AM-11:45AM Paravirtualization Performance and Programming Support for Next Generation HPC Systems 17A/17B
11:45AM-12:00PM Debugging Large Scale Applications with Virtualization 17A/17B
03:30PM-03:45PM Parallel Program Analysis and Optimization for High-Performance Computing 17A/17B
03:45PM-04:00PM Text Mining on a Grid Environment 17A/17B
04:00PM-04:15PM Harnessing Associative Computing for Sequence Alignment with Parallel Accelerators 17A/17B
04:15PM-04:30PM Feedback-controlled, Virtualized Resource Sharing for Predictable eScience 17A/17B
04:30PM-04:45PM An Analysis Framework for Performance Data Mining and Knowledge-driven Performance Analysis 17A/17B
04:45PM-05:00PM A Hybrid Data Prefetching Architecture for Data Access Efficiency 17A/17B
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