SC Conference

Activities: Birds-of-a-Feather
Days: All

Birds-of-a-Feather(26) Tuesday Nov, 18

Time Title Room
12:15PM-01:15PM Testing, Validation and Verification Strategies for Applications in Hybrid Computing Environments 8B
12:15PM-01:15PM Pathways to HPC: Broaden Participation, Increase Impact 9C
12:15PM-01:15PM Deploying HPC for Interactive Simulation 9B
12:15PM-01:15PM High Energy Performance for High Performance Computing Ballroom F
12:15PM-01:15PM The 2008 HPC Challenge Awards 14
12:15PM-01:15PM TotalView Tips & Tricks 9A
12:15PM-01:15PM PBS: Workload Management and Job Scheduling from Desktops to Petaflops 17A/17B
12:15PM-01:15PM SP-XXL: Large IBM HPC Systems 8A
12:15PM-01:15PM Next Generation Workload Management for Cloud Computing and Scale-out Environments 15
12:15PM-01:15PM DCMF: Lightweight Communication for Petascale Supercomputing 13A/13B
12:15PM-01:15PM Building a Diverse HPC Community for SC28 18A/18B/18C/18D
12:15PM-01:15PM Network Measurement 10B
12:15PM-01:15PM Coordinated Fault Tolerance in High-end Computing Environments Ballroom G
12:15PM-01:15PM OFED 1.4 Release Highlights: Q&A with Lead Developers Ballroom E
12:15PM-01:15PM Tools for High Productivity Supercomputing 8C
12:15PM-01:15PM Opportunities in Federal NITRD High End Computing Interagency Working Group (HEC-IWG) Agencies 11A/11B
05:30PM-07:00PM "Ranger" as the Intro for Future Extreme Scale Computing Ballroom E
05:30PM-07:00PM NSF High End Computing University Research Activity (HECURA) 12A/12B
05:30PM-07:00PM OpenMP 3.0: Ushering in a New Era of Parallelism 15
05:30PM-07:00PM OSCAR Community Meeting 14
05:30PM-07:00PM Exascale Software Challenges 19A/19B
05:30PM-07:00PM Data Lifecycle Management Ballroom F
05:30PM-07:00PM TOP500 Supercomputers 18A/18B/18C/18D
05:30PM-07:00PM SPEC MPI2007: A Benchmark to Measure MPI Application Performance Ballroom G
05:30PM-07:00PM Blue Gene System Management Community Meeting 11A/11B
05:30PM-07:00PM Megajobs: How to Run One Million Jobs 13A/13B

Birds-of-a-Feather(19) Wednesday Nov, 19

Time Title Room
12:15PM-01:15PM The Growing Need for Resilience in HPC Software Ballroom E
12:15PM-01:15PM Future Networking Schemes in Petascale Clusters and Beyond Ballroom F
12:15PM-01:15PM Requiring Open Source Software in Federal Grants 13A/13B
12:15PM-01:15PM Petascale Computing Experiences on Blue Gene/P 17A/17B
12:15PM-01:15PM Computing with Massive and Persistent Data 11A/11B
12:15PM-01:15PM Open MPI State of the Union 14
12:15PM-01:15PM Parallel File Systems Ballroom G
12:15PM-01:15PM Unleashing the Power of the Cell BE for HPC Applications 18A/18B/18C/18D
12:15PM-01:15PM Campus Champions: Bringing HPC to Your Campus 15
05:30PM-07:00PM User Experiences with Large SGI Altix ICE 11A/11B
05:30PM-07:00PM The Green500 List 13A/13B
05:30PM-07:00PM OpenSHMEM: SHMEM for the Rest of the World 19A/19B
05:30PM-07:00PM iPlant Collaborative: Cyberinfrastructure for the Grand Challenges of Plant Science 17A/17B
05:30PM-07:00PM The HPC Profile: Standardized Web Services Access to Compute Clusters 18A/18B/18C/18D
05:30PM-07:00PM Roadrunner: First to a Petaflop, First of a New Breed 14
05:30PM-07:00PM PTP: Parallel Tools Platform 15
05:30PM-07:00PM HDF5 Users Ballroom E
05:30PM-07:00PM pNFS Protocol after Final Draft and before RFC Ballroom F
05:30PM-07:00PM MPI Forum: The New MPI 2.1 Standard, and Progress toward MPI 2.2 and 3.0 Ballroom G

Birds-of-a-Feather(9) Thursday Nov, 20

Time Title Room
12:15PM-01:15PM PGAS: The Partitioned Global Address Space Programming Model Ballroom G
12:15PM-01:15PM The HPC Advisory Council Initiative 18A/18B/18C/18D
12:15PM-01:15PM Parallel File System Benchmarking and Enhancements Ballroom F
12:15PM-01:15PM Traditional & Distributed HPC: What Has Changed? What Remains the Same? 17A/17B
12:15PM-01:15PM MPICH: A High-Performance Open-source MPI Implementation Ballroom E
12:15PM-01:15PM Impact of Supercomputing on Society: Community Outreach at HPC Centers 14
12:15PM-01:15PM Parallel Computing from Client to Clusters: A Continuous or a Disjoint Space? 11A/11B
12:15PM-01:15PM The Challenges, Risks, and Successes of Integrating Peta-scale Systems into Science Environments 15
12:15PM-01:15PM Rocks Cluster Distribution 13A/13B
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