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Cluster Challenge Results

Congratulations to the combined team of Indiana University and Technische University Dresden - for winning the SC08 Cluster Challenge in Austin. This year's event saw 7 entries and tighter competition than last year. We want to thank all of the teams for their involvement and wish them the best in their continued studies.

Challenges will provide a way to showcase both expertise and high performance computing resources at SC08 in friendly yet spirited competitions with other participants. Building on prior successes, SC08 will feature four challenges.

The Bandwidth Challenge

The Bandwidth Challenge is an annual competition for leading-edge network applications developed by teams of researchers from around the globe. Past competitions have showcased multi-10gigabit-per-second demonstrations. SC08’s Bandwidth Challenge will focus on real-world applications and data movement issues, and will include live demonstrations across the SCinet network infrastructure.

Questions: bw-challenge@info.supercomputing.org

The HPC Storage Challenge

The HPC Storage Challenge is a competition showcasing applications that use approaches that effectively utilize the storage subsystem, which is often the limiting system component. Participants will describe their implementations and present measurements of performance, scalability and storage subsystem utilization. Judging will be based on these measurements as well as innovation and effectiveness; maximum size and peak performance are not the sole criteria. Finalists will be chosen on the basis of submissions that are in the form of proposals; they will present their completed results in a technical session during the conference, at which the winners will be selected.

Questions: storage-challenge@info.supercomputing.org

The Cluster Challenge

The Cluster Challenge will showcase the amazing power of clusters and the ability to harness open source software to solve interesting and important problems. Teams will compete in real time on the exhibit floor, where they will run a workload of real-world problems on clusters of their own design. The winning team will be chosen based on workload accomplished, benchmark performance and overall architectural design.

Cluster Challenge Rules: http://submissions.supercomputing.org/

Questions: cluster-challenge@info.supercomputing.org

The Analytics Challenge

The Analytics Challenge will provide a forum for researchers and industry representatives to present complete solutions that embody all facets of high performance computing, such as comprehensive computational approaches, processing of large data sets and high-end visualization technology to display results. The Analytics Challenge will also bring forth interesting applications from a wide variety of areas. Past finalists have presented solutions in areas such as orthodontics, traffic control, atomic energy, geophysics and music classification. The finalists will be chosen by a panel of judges in August 2008 and will be invited to present their submissions at SC08. The overall winner will be announced at the SC08 Awards Ceremony.

Download the Analytics Challenge flyer

Details on the Analytics Challenge Submission, Judging, Awards and SC08 Activities

Questions: analytics-challenge@info.supercomputing.org

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