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The crown jewel of the SC08 Technical Program is the Technical Papers track. Representing thousands of hours of effort by authors and reviewers alike, SC08 Technical Papers include some of the most exciting developments in the conference areas of Applications, Architecture, Grids, Networks, Performance, and System Software.

This year, the committee selected 59 Technical Papers out of 277 total submissions. Although all the presentations are fine work, six were nominated for the “Best Paper” or “Best Student Paper” award (or both):

  • “Hiding I/O Latency with Pre-execution Prefetching for Parallel Applications” by Yong Chen, Surendra Byna, Xian-He Sun, Rajeev Thakur and William Gropp (Best Paper & Best Student Paper nominee)
  • “High-Radix Crossbar Switches Enabled by Proximity Communication” by Hans Eberle, Pedro J. Garcia, José Flich, José Duato, Robert Drost, Nils Gura, David Hopkins and Wladek Olesinski (Best Paper nominee)
  • “Characterizing Application Sensitivity to OS Interference using Kernel-Level Noise Injection” by Kurt B. Ferreira, Ron Brightwell and Patrick Bridges (Best Paper & Best Student Paper nominee)
  • “Feedback Controlled Resource Sharing for Predictable eScience” by Sang-Min Park and Marty Humphrey (Best Student Paper nominee)
  • “A Scalable Parallel Framework for Analyzing Terascale Molecular Dynamics Trajectories” by Tiankai Tu, Charles A. Rendleman, David W. Borhani, Ron O. Dror, Justin Gullingsrud, Morten Ø. Jensen, John L. Klepeis, Paul Maragakis, Patrick Miller, Kate A. Stafford and David E. Shaw (Best Paper nominee)
  • “Benchmarking GPUs to Tune Dense Linear Algebra” by Vasily Volkov and James W. Demmel (Best Student Paper nominee)

Please see the link at the top of this page for a full list of Technical Papers.

The Best Paper, Best Student Paper, and Gordon Bell Prize awards will be announced at the conference awards ceremony on Thursday afternoon at 1:30pm.

Questions: papers@info.supercomputing.org

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