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Broader Engagement Frequently Asked Questions

How to Apply
Travel Planning
On-site Activities and Logistics


When is the deadline to submit an application to the Broader Engagement Program?
The deadline to submit applications is Sunday, August 31, 2008.

Where do I fill out and submit my application?
Your application can be filled out at https://submissions.supercomputing.org/. There are instructions online.

Are partial or incomplete submissions still eligible for consideration?
No, you must have a completed application to be eligible.

How will participants (Students, Faculty, Young Professionals) be selected?
We will select all participants based on their answers to the questions on the application, your letter of intent, and a letter of support from your advisor (if are a student). Priority will be given to undergraduate and graduate students.

What happens if there was a web problem during my submission, e.g. server failure?
If there is a problem with the web during your submission, we will be able to verify this and your application will still receive full consideration.

You should receive a confirmation html page and also a confirmation email for your application. You are also able to see your application on the "My submissions" page, where you can review it and update it. If your application is not listed on the "My Submissions" page, you should try again because the website did not get it.

To ensure we are aware that you tried to apply, you can send an email to the program chair at baylis3@llnl.gov

Will you accept applications from overseas?
Yes. However, we have an expense limit of $1,500 per participant, and expenses beyond this limit will not be reimbursed.

When and how will I be notified if I have been accepted?
You will be notified by email by Friday, September 12, 2008.

How long will have to accept the invitation to the program?
You will have one week to accept after being notified on September 12th that you were selected. After that, your invitation will go those on the wait list.

How do I apply for travel assistance?
Your application to the program automatically applies for travel assistance.

How do I qualify to receive a travel assistance grant?
If you are accepted to the program, you will automatically receive travel assistance.


When will I be expected to arrive at the conference?
BE funded participants are expected to arrive at the conference by 3:00p.m. Saturday, November 15, 2008 unless individual circumstances preclude this.

Will we have roommates, or will we be able to stay in individual rooms?
BE funded participants may be assigned roommates based on hotel room availability for the conference.

How will roommates be assigned?
We will work with the participants to assign rooms/roommates.

Who will make travel arrangements for BE funded participants?
We will provide instructions on travel arrangements once you are accepted into the program. However, you will need to make your own airline reservations, etc.

Should I make my own hotel reservations?
We are making hotel reservations for all BE funded participants; you will be notified with the details about your hotel arrangements prior to your arrival in Austin.

Should I register for the conference?
BE funded participants will be registered for the conference by us, at no cost to you.

When should I depart from the conference?
You can depart anytime from the conference on Friday, November 21, 2008. However, your hotel room checkout time is noon at most hotels.

How do I receive reimbursements for my travel and expenses for the conference?
An expense form will be given to funded participants the week of the conference with instructions on filing and mailing. Reimbursements typically take 4-6 weeks. You will also receive a per diem at the orientation meeting upon your arrival to the conference.

I have been accepted to the BE Program, but no longer can attend. Who should I notify?
If you are unable to attend the conference, you will notify the program chair via email at baylis3@llnl.gov


What am I expected to do at the conference?
You will be expected to attend the BE program activities, network at the conference, and attend any education, exhibit, and technical program sessions that interest you. You will also be assigned a mentor that you may work with to take full advantage of the program.

As a BE participant, will I be able to experience the technical program, workshops, and exhibits? As a program participant, you will have access to the technical program, workshops, and exhibits. The BE Program does not enable access to the Tutorials, but if the tutorials to not interfere with other BE activities, you may attend at your own expense.

How will I get around at the conference?
Shuttle buses will be available for transportation between your hotel and the conference center. In addition, SC Your Way has information about Austin's public transportation system.

How does a BE participant sign up for the Mentoring Program?
As a BE participant, you will automatically be assigned a mentor. BE participants do not normally participate in the Mentoring Program as mentors.

Will every BE participant be assigned a mentor at the conference?

Are meals provided by the Broader Engagement Program?
Some meals will be provided by the program and BE funded participants will have a per diem for the meals not provided.

What should I wear during the conference?
The attire for the BE Program participants is business casual; Also check out the Austin weather conditions for November to see what you should consider wearing.

How early and late will I be at the conference?
You will likely be at the conference site from 8am to 5pm. However, there are likely to be evening events, either meetings or social events, that you will either be required to attend or that you will want to attend.

Are cameras allowed at the conference?

Can I bring my laptop and will I be able to connect to the Internet at the convention center or in my hotel room?
Yes. The conference will have wireless access. Your hotel has the ability to connect at a fee. BE funded participants will be reimbursed for this expense.

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