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The ACM Gordon Bell Prize

The ACM Gordon Bell Prize has been awarded since 1987 to recognize outstanding achievement in high-performance computing. It is now administered by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), with financial support for the stipend (currently $10,000) provided by Gordon Bell, a pioneer in high-performance and parallel computing.

SC08 will present the 6 finalists for the Gordon Bell Prize in two Technical Program sessions.  See the Gordon Bell Finalist page for more information. The winners will be announced at the conference awards ceremony on Thursday at 1:30.

Questions: gbellprize@info.supercomputing.org

Seymour Cray and Sidney Fernbach Awards

The Seymour Cray Computer Science and Engineering Award recognizes innovative contributions to high performance computing systems that best exemplify the creative spirit of Seymour Cray. The Sidney Fernbach Memorial Award honors innovative uses of high performance computing in problem solving. Sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society, these prestigious honors are presented during special sessions held during the conference.

The Cray and Fernbach winners will present special invited talks in a plenary session on Wednesday at 1:30.

Questions: awards@info.supercomputing.org

Best Paper and Best Student Paper

SC08 will present an award to the Technical Paper judged best overall, based on the paper itself. It will also present an award for the Best Student Paper, which must be primarily written and presented by the student author. The Best Student Paper award takes into consideration both the contents of the paper and the presentation at SC08. A paper may be eligible for both awards – indeed, this year two are. The nominees are listed on the Papers page and marked on the lists of conference events. The winners will be announced at the conference awards ceremony on Thursday at 1:30.

Questions: papers@info.supercomputing.org

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