SC08 News about Hotels, Advance Registration and other Deadlines

Newsflash! SC08 is in 40 days! Are you ready? Its important to act fast as many conference deadlines are fast
approaching! Make sure to reserve your hotel rooms, take advantage of early bird registration rates, register for
tutorials, and sign up for the SC08 Music Room! Details below in this latest edition of the SC08 Newsletter.

The premier international conference on high performance computing, networking, storage, and analysis,
SC08 will be held November 15-21, 2008 in Austin, Texas at the Austin Convention Center. SC08 marks the
20th anniversary of the first SC, then called Supercomputing, held in Orlando, Florida in 1988. Bringing together
scientists, engineers, researchers, educators, programmers, system administrators and managers, SC08 will be
the forum for demonstrating how these developments are driving new ideas, new discoveries and new industries.
SC08 is sponsored by the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) and the IEEE Computer Society Technical
Committee on Scalable Computing and the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Computer Architecture.

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Headlines from the latest SC08 Newsletter:

* Hotels Update: More Rooms Being Added for Conference Attendees
* Reminder: Advance Registration Closes Oct. 15, Fees Go Up
* Learn from the Best: Register Now for SC08 Tutorials
* SC08 Music Room Deadline Extended to October 15
* Invited Speakers Assess Current and Future Directions in HPC
* Research Posters Offer Up the Latest Results

Hotels Update: More Rooms Being Added for Conference Attendees

The SC08 Housing Committee has been adding rooms to the available housing blocks over the past few weeks.
This increased availability includes more room nights at many of the downtown hotels as well as more space at
additional hotels. In addition, through the end of September, exhibitors returned rooms in their blocks that they
have determined they will not need. All of these rooms are being moved into the attendee block as soon as they
are made available. If you still need a room, or if you need to add nights to your current room reservation, please
check back into the Passkey system and check for the availability you need. The new SC Your Way site
contains comprehensive information about each of the conference hotels and allows you to select and compare
various hotels. Visit: SC Your Way

"Finding enough housing to meet all of the demand has been a difficult challenge," said SC08 Conference Vice
Chair Jim McGraw. "We want to thank all of you that have patiently waited to reserve a room and believe that the
additional rooms we are making available should alleviate much of the demand."

Reminder: Advance Registration Closes Oct. 15, Fees Go Up

If you're planning to attend SC08, register before Wednesday, October 15 to take advantage of advance registration
discounts. This year's Technical Program will include two days of tutorials, three days of technical paper presentations,
a keynote address and other invited speakers, seven panel discussions, a flock of birds-of-a-feather sessions, poster
presentations and more. And the Exhibition in Austin will be the most extensive yet, with nearly 200 industry
exhibitors and 120 research organizations having already signed up. For more information about registration
categories and rates and to register, Click here.

Learn from the Best: Register Now for SC08 Tutorials

The SC08 conference Tutorials Program offers a wide range of supercomputing educational opportunities for all
attendees, whether you are relatively new to HPC or a 20-year veteran. This year, 10 half-day and 15 full-day
tutorials will be offered on Sunday and Monday, November 16-17. There are nine new tutorials scheduled and
16 that cover topics presented at previous SC conferences, but with significantly updated content. Attendees may
choose a one-day or two-day passport, allowing them to move freely between tutorials on the selected days.
Tutorial notes and luncheons are provided for each registered tutorial attendee.

Tutorial topics include parallel, distributed and multi-core computing; parallel programming and debugging;
high-performance programming languages and systems (e.g., Chapel, CUDA, MPI, OpenMP, Parallel Matlab,
and PGAS languages); performance modeling, analysis, and tuning; software tools and libraries (e.g., mesh tools);
networking (e.g. Infiniband, 10-Gigabit Ethernet, and grid computing); and file systems and I/O (e.g. NFSv4.1,
parallel I/O). And, for a truly out-of-the-box topic, consider the Computer Music tutorial - an SC first, linked to the
Music Initiative.

For more information:

SC08 Music Room Deadline Extended to October 15

As a musician, entertain your fellow attendees by playing live in the SC08 Music Room, a lounge in the lobby set
up for relaxation and easy listening. Sign up for the music room has been amazing, but we still have a few slots
left we'd like to fill. We've extended the deadline to October 15. Don't miss this opportunity to show off your talent
and wow your fellow attendees. You can play solo, duo, trio or as a group. Sign up today
at: .

Invited Speakers Assess Current and Future Directions in HPC

At SC08 on November 15-21, an accomplished group of international experts will offer revealing insights into the
present state of the art of supercomputing, as well as enticing glimpses into its future. On the cutting edge of
computation, these speakers will cover a fascinating range of interdisciplinary, scientific, and commercial topics
that illustrate the far-reaching impacts of supercomputing.

Invited speakers at this year's conference include, among others:
* Michael Dell (Keynote Speaker), Dell Inc.
"Higher Performance: Supercomputing in the Connected Era"

* Kenneth H. Buetow, National Cancer Institute
"Developing an Interoperable IT Framework to Enable Personalized Medicine"

* David Patterson, University of California Berkeley & Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
"Parallel Computing Landscape: A View from Berkeley"

* Jeffrey Wadsworth, Battelle Memorial Institute
"High-Performance Computing and the Energy Challenge: Issues and Opportunities"

* Mary Wheeler, University of Texas at Austin
"Computational Frameworks for Subsurface Energy and Environmental Modeling and Simulation"

In addition, invited Masterworks speakers will present case studies that illustrate novel and innovative ways to
apply high performance computing, networking, storage, and analysis. They will demonstrate how HPC is driving
innovation in a wide range of areas and how it plays an integral role in addressing many key issues of the
21st century--from the development of new materials to research into new medical procedures to finding new
energy solutions and greener computing methods. Speakers will address HPC in the arts, transportation, finance,
biomedical informatics, alternative energy and green technologies. Read more about Masterworks at:

Research Posters Offer Up the Latest Results

At SC08, 60 posters will feature the most innovative and thought-provoking research being conducted in the high
performance computing (HPC) field today. Fifty-five posters--chosen from more than 150 submissions-will provide
up-to-the-minute results in all areas of high performance computing, networking, storage, and analysis. Applications
areas to be featured include chemistry, physics, meteorology, biology, and epidemiology; various system scales
(e.g., GPUs, multi-core chips, clusters, Peta-scale supercomputers, and grids); and diverse software offerings
(including performance analysis tools, languages and programming systems, libraries, and parallel I/O).

Along with these posters, five student posters will be displayed. SC08 is again proud to host a part of ACM's Student
Research Competition showcasing posters by individual students. This year, three posters from graduate students
and two from undergraduates were selected from 19 submissions. In addition to the posters, which will be on
display all week, the students will give short presentations about their work in a special Technical Program session
on Wednesday, November 19, at 10:30.

All posters will be displayed throughout the entire week. However, the best time to view them may be the Posters
Reception (Tuesday, November 18, at 5:15 p.m.).

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