SC08 Newsletter—Issue 6

Welcome to the sixth edition of the SC08 Newsletter, your source for useful, up-to-date information about SC08.
Please note, submissions for the High Performance Computing Ph.D. Fellowship are due September 8.

Sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society and ACM, SC08 is the premier international conference on high
performance computing, networking, storage, and analysis. This year's conference, to be held from November
15-21, 2008 in Austin, Texas at the Austin Convention Center, marks the 20th anniversary of the first SC, then
called Supercomputing, held in Orlando, Florida in 1988. Bringing together scientists, engineers, researchers,
educators, programmers, system administrators, and managers, SC08 will be the forum for demonstrating how
these developments are driving new ideas, new discoveries and new industries.

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Headlines from the SC08 Sixth Newsletter:

* SC08 Keynote and Invited Speakers Announced
* High Performance Computing Ph.D. Fellowship Applications due September 8
* Technical Program Registration is Open!
* SC08 Thursday Night Event to Showcase Diversity of Texas
* Edu-Grid Receives Campus Technologies Innovator Award
* SC08 Hotel Reservations Site Open!

* SC08 Marks the 20th Anniversary of the SC Conference.

* SC08 Tutorials Program Announced

* Calling All Computer Musicians and Scientific Programmers Who Love Music!
* Technical Papers Announces Award Nominees

* Get Ready for the Cluster Challenge!


SC08 Keynote and Invited Speakers Announced

The SC08 Committee is pleased to announce that Michael Dell, chairman of the board of directors and chief
executive officer of Dell Inc. will be the keynote speaker for the conference this year. Michael Dell founded Dell Inc.
in 1984 with $1,000 and an unprecedented idea--to build relationships directly with customer. In 1992, Mr. Dell
became the youngest CEO ever to earn a ranking on the Fortune 500 list. Mr. Dell will provide the keynote
address at in the Technical Program opening session beginning at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 18. In addition to
Mr. Dell, the conference will showcase the following invited speakers:

* Kenneth H. Buetow, NCI Associate Director, Bioinformatics and Information Technology; Director, NCI Center for
Biomedical Informatics and Information Technology (NCICBIIT); Chief, Laboratory of Population Genetics,
National Cancer Institute

* David Patterson, University of California Berkeley & Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Pardee
Professor of Computer Science, Director, UC Berkeley Parallel Computing Laboratory

* Jeffrey Wadsworth, Battelle Memorial Institute

* Mary Wheeler, University of Texas at Austin

For more information on the keynote and invited speakers, visit:



High Performance Computing Ph.D. Fellowship Applications due September 8

Nominations are now being accepted for the ACM/IEEE-CS HPC Ph.D Fellowship Program at:

The ACM/IEEE-CS HPC Ph.D. Fellowship Program honors exceptional Ph.D. students throughout the world with
the focus areas of HPC, Networking, Storage and Analysis. HPC covers the areas of computational sciences,
computational engineering, and computer science using the most powerful computers available at a given time.
Fellowship recipients receive a certificate and a stipend of at least $5,000 (US) for one academic year.
All ACM/IEEE-CS HPC Ph.D. Fellows are invited to attend at least one SC conference (usually the one after one
year of receiving the award). Past Fellowship recipients may be re-nominated to renew their stipends.

Students must be nominated by a full time faculty member at a Ph.D. granting institution. Nominees must be
enrolled in a full-time Ph.D. program and they should have completed at least one year of study in their doctoral
program at the time of their nomination. Fellowship recipients will be selected based on:
* Their overall potential for research excellence;
* The degree to which their technical interests align with those of the HPC community;
* Their academic progress to-date; and
* The demonstration of their current and/or anticipated use of HPC resources.

Also, the inaugural winners of the HPC Fellowship from SC07 awarded will be speaking at SC08 as part of the
Doctoral Showcase.


For more information:

Technical Program Registration is Open

Registration for the SC08 Technical Program has opened. This year's Technical Program features an impressive
roster including two days of tutorials, three days of technical paper presentations, panel discussions, workshops,
birds-of-a-feather sessions, poster presentations and more.

For more information and to register, visit:



SC08 Thursday Night Event to Showcase Diversity of Texas

While the final Thursday night conference party is a traditional highlight of SC, the event being planned for SC08
Technical Program attendees promises to be quite memorable. First, the location is unique, the site is Star Hill
Ranch, a private collection of historic buildings in the Texas Hill Country. Next, the entertainment will reflect the
various cultures of the Lone Star State. There will be food, music and dancing from the Mexican, Texan Cowboys
and Native American cultures. Just for fun, the organizers are mixing in campfires, mechanical bulls and a whole
slew of tasty treats to truly give participants a taste of Texas. Watch this newsletter and the SC08 website for
more information.

Edu-Grid Receives Campus Technologies Innovator Award

In late July, the team that developed the Edu-Grid high performance computational environment received the
Campus Technologies Innovator Award at a ceremony held in Boston, MA. SC08 Education Program Chair
Paul Gray and Education Committee member Charles Peck lead the Edu-Grid project. The computational
environment established to support the SC Education program's outreach efforts, deemed "Edu-Grid," represents
a collection of computational resources, scientific software, documentation, and workshop instruction devoted to
supporting the transformation of undergraduate curriculum through high-performance computing. Computational
resources included systems donated by Intel, Earlham College, and the University of Northern Iowa.

Edu-Grid was one of 14 winners out of 275 applications. Congrats!

For more information:

SC08 Hotel Reservations Site Open!

The Website for reserving rooms at SC08 conference hotels has gone live. By using the SC08 reservation system,
you will have an opportunity to reserve the best available room near the Austin Convention Center. To access the
hotel reservations site, go to:

To help attendees find the hotel that best meets their needs, the new SC Your Way Website contains comprehensive
information about each of the conference hotels and allows you to select and compare various hotels.
Visit SC Your Way at:


For more information:

SC08 Marks the 20th Anniversary of the SC Conference

There will be a number of exciting activities highlighting this milestone in Austin. An extensive lobby exhibit
will feature over 100 artifacts and memorabilia covering two decades of high performance computing.
The exhibit will feature items loaned by private collectors, national laboratories, academic institutions, vendors
and museums. Also featured in the booth will be clips including images and archive video from the past 20 years.
Presenters at the exhibit will address a variety of topics. If you or your institution are interested in participating,
please contact Digital items such as photos, videos or text can be
uploaded directly to .

The exhibit also includes an oral history component, a "story booth" for capturing attendee observations about the
development and impact of both the conference and high performance computing and related technologies over
the years. Please consider visiting the 20th anniversary exhibit and sharing your thoughts in the story booth.

Finally, a Panel Discussion on Friday, November 21 featuring 6 past chairs will examine the 20 years of SC,
discuss its impact on our community then speculate about potential influences over the next 20 years.
All attendees are invited to share their memories and ideas.


For more information:

SC08 Tutorials Program Announced

Year after year, SC presents a full slate of high-quality tutorials. SC08 will be no exception, offering 10 half-day
and 15 full-day tutorials on topics ranging from basic parallel computing to advanced networking and I/O techniques.
Chosen from 49 submissions, these courses have something to offer to first-time attendees and old hands alike.

"We're looking forward to a great tutorials year," said Bart Miller, SC08 Tutorials Co-Chair. "We have both old
standards and some innovative topics in the tutorials. If somebody had told me when I signed up as chair that
Computer Music would be one of our tutorials, I wouldn't have believed them - but that's what happened."
Other tutorial topics include parallel, distributed and multi-core computing; parallel debugging; high-performance
programming languages and systems (e.g. Chapel, CUDA, MPI, OpenMP, Parallel Matlab, and PGAS languages);
performance modeling, analysis and tuning; software tools and libraries; networking; and file systems and I/O .

Tutorials are held on Sunday and Monday, November 16-17, and require additional registration fees. Some tutorials
include a hands-on component, for which the attendees will need to bring their own laptop. For a complete list of
offerings, see the tutorials web page at


For more information:

Calling All Computer Musicians and Scientific Programmers Who Love Music!

The Music Initiative invites scientists and programmers who create visualizations of their models and simulations to
compose or integrate music or sound to add to the viewers experience and understanding and share the work with
us all at SC08. We will build the ViSCiTunes (said as "Vizzytunes") attendees submit into a library that attendees
and viewers can browse and enjoy over SCinet at any time during the conference. Vizzytunes, with your submissions,
will become the first international, cool collection of scientific compositions and visualizations with algorithmically-
connected sound and music that aims to enrich the viewers understanding of the science both visually and aurally.

The ViSciTunes Library will be hosted and available to all attendees over SCinet. Whether at an Exhibitor's booth,
at a laptop, or on an iPhone, whether in Austin or anywhere on the Internet, your colleagues, peers and other
scientists will be able to discover your creation and explore this new enjoyable experience with you. And we will
offer your audience the opportunity to give you feedback and their response to your creativity.

We invite all members of the SC08 community and beyond (researchers, scientists, academics, engineers, designers,
entrepreneurs, etc. and artists alike) to experiment with development of programs/algorithms and accompanying
composed sound up to about two minutes in length to submit a ViSciTune. The submissions site is open.
Go to .


For more information:


Technical Papers Announces Award Nominees

Although the SC08 Technical Papers selection process is over, the competition has not ended. SC08 will single out
one entry as "Best Paper." Also, one paper primarily written by a student will be named as "Best Student Paper,"
based on both the paper and the student's presentation during the conference. This year, six papers were nominated
for one (or both) of these awards:

* Hiding I/O Latency with Pre-execution Prefetching for Parallel Applications, by Yong Chen, et al. (Best Paper
& Best Student Paper)

* High-Radix Crossbar Switches Enabled by Proximity Communication, by Hans Eberle, et al. (Best Paper)

* Characterizing Application Sensitivity to OS Interference using Kernel-Level Noise Injection, by Kurt B. Ferreira,
et al. (Best Paper & Best Student Paper)

* Feedback Controlled Resource Sharing for Predictable eScience, by Sang-Min Park and Marty Humphrey
(Best Student Paper)

* A Scalable Parallel Framework for Analyzing Terascale Molecular Dynamics Trajectories, by Tiankai Tu, et al.
(Best Paper)

* Benchmarking GPUs to Tune Dense Linear Algebra, by Vasily Volkov and James W. Demmel (Best Student Paper)

The competition is equally intense for the ACM Gordon Bell Prizes for outstanding achievement in high performance
computing. SC08 is proud to present the six finalists for this prestigious award:

* Multi-teraflops Simulations of Disorder Effects on the Transition Temperature of the High Tc Superconducting
by Gonzalo Alvarez and a team from Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Cray Inc.

* 0.365 Pflop/s Trillion-particle Particle-in-cell Modeling of Laser Plasma Interactions on Roadrunner, by Kevin J. Bowers
and a team from D.E. Shaw Research and Los Alamos National Laboratory

* Scalable adaptive Mantle Convection Simulation on Petascale Supercomputers, by Carsten Burstedde and a team
from University of Texas at Austin, California Institute of Technology, and University of Colorado

* High-frequency Simulations of Global Seismic Wave Propagation using SPECFEM3D_GLOBE on 62K Processors,
by Laura Carrington and a team from University of California, San Diego and University of Pau

* 350-450 Tflops Molecular Dynamics Simulations on the Roadrunner General-purpose Heterogeneous Supercomputer,
by Sriram Swaminarayan and a team from Los Alamos National Laboratory

* Linear Scaling 3D Fragment Method for Large-Scale Electronic Structure Calculations, by Lin-Wang Wang and a team
from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

The winners of the ACM Gordon Bell Prizes and the Best Paper and Best Student Paper awards will be announced at
the SC08 Conference Awards Ceremony at 1:30pm, Thursday, November 20.


For more information:


Get Ready for the Cluster Challenge

The Cluster Challenge showcases the potential and power of clusters in the hands of undergraduate students.
The event consists of teams racing to complete a set of scientific simulation applications in full public view.
This year's Cluster Challenge has expanded to seven teams. Please plan to join us in Austin to see what these
talented young men and women can do with clusters. The rules are simple: 26 amps, six team members
(with no degree) and 46 straight hours of caffeine-induced racing!

For more information:


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