SC08 Newsletter—Issue 1

Howdy! Welcome to the first edition of the SC08 official newsletter. Sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society and
ACM, SC08 is the premier international conference on high performance computing, networking, storage, and
analysis. This year's conference, to be held from November 15-21, 2008 in Austin, Texas at the Austin Convention
Center, marks the 20th anniversary of the first SC, then called Supercomputing, held in Orlando, Florida in 1988.

The conference will celebrate 20 years in advanced networking and computing, and will feature the latest scientific
and technical innovations from around the world. Bringing together scientists, engineers, researchers, educators,
programmers, system administrators, and managers, SC08 will be the forum for demonstrating how these
developments are driving new ideas, new discoveries and new industries.

This newsletter offers attendees, exhibitors, media and other interested parties useful, up-to-date information
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bottom of this newsletter.

Highlights from the February Edition:

* Welcome to Austin, SC08!
* Twentieth Anniversary Initiative Committee Seeks Submissions, Suggestions
* SC08 Exhibits Projected To Be the Largest Ever
* New for SC08--Web Portals to Plan "SC Your Way"
* Share Your Expertise in SC08 Tutorials Program

* SC08 Music Initiative

Welcome to Austin, SC08!

The Austin community is excited to welcome SC08! As you make your plans for your visit in November, a
few of the committee's locals have provided some web pointers to information sources on the City of
Austin as well as information on places to experience local Austin flavor. This month learn about how
Austin is the Live Music Capital of the World!

To find a comprehensive calendar of who's playing each day,

Austin is also home of the original poetry slam. For information on scheduled events,

Stay tuned for more Austin information!

Twentieth Anniversary Initiative Committee Seeks Submissions, Suggestions

The Twentieth Anniversary Initiative Committee is eager to receive anecdotes and photographs of previous
meetings, luminaries in the field, or other relevant mementos of Supercomputing over the past 20 years.
The committee may also solicit donations or loans of memorabilia at a future date. In addition, the committee
invites speaker suggestions for a panel discussion on the history and evolution of Supercomputing since
1988 including where we were, where we are, whether we're where we should be, and how we should
plan for the future. Finally, the committee would like to build a list of people who have attended all 20 SC
conferences. If you are or know someone who has managed to accomplish that, please email with any
information to

Questions and feedback:

SC08 Exhibits Projected To Be the Largest Ever

The SC Exhibits floor is always an exciting and dynamic place to interact with organizations and companies
from across the world. SC08 is projected to be the largest ever offering of the industry's market leaders,
up-and-coming companies, and a diverse set of organizations from the research and education community.
Interact with the newest hardware systems, software tools, and learn about the latest research from hundreds
of organizations during SC08. See the current exhibitor list

For more information:


New for SC08—Web Portals to Plan "SC Your Way"

With each passing year, the SC conference gets bigger - more exhibits, more technical program sessions,
and more attendees - making it harder than ever to keep track of activities and events. Add to that a new city,
Austin in 2008, and finding your way around the area and the conference can be a real challenge. To help
SC08 attendees make sense of it all, a new web-based service called "SC Your Way" will be launched this year.
SC Your Way will consist of two portals: SC - Your Way (for navigating the conference events) and Austin -
Your Way (for finding everything from hotels to restaurants to transportation). Watch the SC08 newsletter and
website for details as SC Your Way takes shape.

For more information:

Share Your Expertise in SC08 Tutorials Program

Experts in high performance computing are invited to share their expertise with the High Performance
Computing (HPC) community by submitting proposals for tutorials at SC08, to be held November 15-21, 2008,
in Austin, Texas. The SC08 Tutorials program will give attendees the opportunity to explore a wide variety of
important topics related to high performance computing, networking, and storage. SC08 invites proposals for
introductory, intermediate, and advanced tutorials, either full-day (six hours) or half-day (three hours).
A distinguished panel of experts will select the tutorials from the submitted proposals. Submissions for
tutorials and other aspects of the SC08 Technical Program open Monday, March 17, 2008.

At the SC07 conference in Reno, nearly 1,000 attendees registered for the tutorials program. Topics ranged
from general introductions to applications to in-depth sessions on specific aspects of parallel computing to
improving system performance.

For more information:

SC08 Music Initiative

For the first time in the 20-year history of the SC conferences, SC08 is featuring a Music Initiative
component as part of the conference program. The aim of the Music Initiative is to bring together
composers, musicians and music lovers, as well as scientists, engineers and mathematicians,
to make music an exciting and enjoyable aspect of the SC08 conference experience. Plans are
well underway for the Initiative and so far include:

* a Music Room, conveniently located in the convention center lobby, where conference attendees
can sit and listen to other attendees play or sing during scheduled times throughout the conference.
Several instruments will be available, including a baby grand piano. (You will be required to sign
up to play or sing in the music room).

* Sci-Tunes, where attendees will be able to view and rate sound-enhanced scientific visualizations
submitted by other attendees, all from their handheld devices. Prizes will be awarded for the top-rated visualizations.

* Digital Vibrations, where attendees will visit a kiosk, listen to a series of songs, and identify ones they
think are electronically produced versus those they think are produced using real instruments. A prize
will be awarded to the person who correctly guesses all songs.

In addition to the above, the committee is also working to incorporate more technical aspects into the conference.



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